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Building your project home


At Martin Project Homes we want you to feel informed and involved throughout the process of building your project home.

 We have a motivated team ready to help you from start to finish.



Where to start

It's the question a lot of people ask - is it better to find a block of land first or pick our home design first?

Our sales team can step you through designs that align to your lifestyles needs and budget, as well as providing advice on suitable blocks. We can make sure your chosen design will fit comfortably on your block before you commit to buying it.

Generally when you're choosing land, flat or gently sloping blocks are preferable for the simple reason that they will reduce your site costs. That said, we can customise designs to suit the slope of your land.

Were happy to work with you and modify our designs to make sure you end up with the property of your dreams.

Not just a dream

Once you have selected your new home design and land, it is time to get things moving. At this point you receive an estimated price, which covers any changes made to the design and any site works required on your block. 

If the estimate meets your budget and you're ready to move ahead, we will prepare a pre-contract agreement so everyone is on the same page. 

We also require a fee at this point, which covers:
1. Soil testing
2. Site Survey
3. Site inspection
4. Preparation of "New Home Proposal"
5. Preparation of contract documents
6. Preparation of full working drawings and specifications.

Surveying and testing your block helps us to make the price of site works in your contract as exact as possible. That way, we can be upfront about all the costs and you can rest assured the contract price isn't going to change.

The Contract Agreement - the details

With tests and inspections out of the way, we will finalise your changes and document them. This creates a thorough and easy-to-read document called a New Home Proposal. 

On receiving the New Home Proposal, you will be able to check through and make sure all of your requests and changes are exactly the way you want them before you sign the Contract. Your sales consultant will go through the New Home Proposal with you, and we invite you to take it home and spend some time examining the documents and drawings. 

Once you are satisfied with the details, you accept the New Home Proposal and it's time to sign the contract. You will be required to sign a full set of working drawings along with the contract, and your sales consultant will also sign documents. 

A set of original documents will be provided to you for your records.

D.A. (Development Application) and CC (Construction Certificate) Approvals

Once the contract has been signed and the first payment instalment has been received, Martin Project Homes will begin preparing the required documents and seeking approvals from the local authorities.

This process can vary in time, but on average takes about eight weeks.

Making It Your Own - time to shop

You're building because you want to create a house that's uniquely yours.  This is the stage where you get to choose your colours, fittings and fixtures as well as features, appliances and much more. Our in-house interior designer will be available to guide you through the process with expert advice.

Once you've made your selections, our team will work to understand your vision and style so we can bring it to life for you. 

When you're sure about what you want, we will update the proposal for you to review.

It all begins - the build phase

When all approvals are finalised and we have received authority to commence construction, we move to the build phase. Our construction team will order all the materials, schedule our in-house tradesmen and get your site ready to go.

Your building supervisor, who will be your personal point of contact during the build phase, will provide updates and invite you to the site so you don't miss the exciting parts.  An integral part of the building supervisors role is  to inform you and offer guidance as your house is built, making sure you get answers to any question you might have.

During this exciting period you will see your home progress from excavation works and the slab pouring until the frame and roof installation mean it really takes shape.

The supervisor will invite you out before linings and the kitchen are installed, and we will meet to discuss your ceramic tilling. Once were indoors we will install plasterboards, timer skirting and architraves as well as the tiles to get your house to the lock-up stage.

Practical completion - The finishing touches

Were putting the finishing touches on your home now. Were completing the painting and tiling, and once the electrical and plumbing installation is done we make sure the last elements are in place - splashbacks, shower screens and mirrors.

With all that finished, we will invite you to inspect your new home and walk through before we hand it over to make sure everything is just the way you decided it should be.

Handover - the big day

Your building supervisor will take you on a final walk-through and together you can inspect the home. This gives you a quick and easy way to discuss anything that needs to be addressed before you move in, ensuring the top-quality service throughout your build results in a top-quality home that makes you proud. 

With the final inspection done and all outstanding payments made, it's the moment you've been waiting for - your building supervisor will hand you the keys to your brand new home.

How we support you once you move in

Our experience tells us there may be a few small things that pop up as you settle in to your new home, so we are committed to offering a 13-week maintenance service. All you need to do is record anything that needs attention and we will inspect and address these items at the end of that period.

Enjoy your new home

Above all, we want you to enjoy your new home. We work hard so you can rest easy knowing you will end up with a project home tweaked and personalised to suit your family and friends.